What is Tamborileo?
Tamborileo is an on-demand marketplace and a fast growing global network of creatives and makers. Our goal is to help quickly turn ideas into beautiful products. We streamline the pre-production, production and contract manufacturing process.
Why engaging freelancers and why not having a maker doing all the work?
A maker’s role is to make your product not product consulting, pattern drafting or material sourcing . They will do this because they want your business but they don’t have the time you need and deserve and you will have to commit to a maker too early in the process. When you engage a freelancer you look for particular skills, you hire the best talent for the job. When the blueprint is ready you can request a quote from multiple vendors which ensures a faster and more accurate quote. This way you the best of both worlds. 
How easy is it to create something from scratch?
Well that’s the million dollar question! The truth is that every product begins with a blueprint. Follow our easy to use industry standard templates and make a blueprint of your idea. Makers have to understand what’s needed to produce your product before they can share a quote. Getting this right is very important.
What skills are available and where are Tamborileo freelancers based?
There are dozens of skills available. You can easily browse profiles by skill using hashtags such as #Designer, #Technician, #Patternmaker, #Illustrator, #Sourcing, #Webdesign, #SEO, #Woocommerce, #Magento or #Shopify to name a few. Tamborileo freelancers are in NYC, LA, London, Milan and as far away as Tokyo and Shanghai, you can work with experts here in the US or Worldwide.

Payment information

What payment methods are accepted?
We currently accept Stripe and all major credit cards.
How do I pay a freelancer or a maker?
You negotiate the price with both freelancer and maker directly so as the terms. You can pay a freelancer by the hour or for the entire project. As for makers, you would typically pay between 30-50% first and the remaining when the product is ready for pick up. As for payments, funds are paid by you directly to the third party when certain milestones are met.